Executive Team Rx

The problem: Your executive team just isn’t running like a well-oiled machine -- maybe it's newly formed, hasn't gelled, or even experiencing internecine warfare. The costs of sub-par teamwork at the executive level are significant and well-documented, including missed deadlines, poor quality work, costly employee turnover, and decreased employee engagement, all of which make work less fun and hit the bottom line hard.


The question: How can you improve alignment, cohesion, teamwork, and overall performance?


The answer: Skilled facilitation of an executive offsite session designed to:

  • Surface and address any underlying conflicts

  • Forge agreement on vision, core values, business goals, and objectives

  • Create a set of agreements about work and working together



  • Your New Fashioned Facilitator will conduct a needs-assessment by interviewing the CEO and members of the leadership team to dig into the details regarding the context, goals, and needs of the organization, the CEO, and the team.

  • Your New Fashioned Facilitator will design and work with your team to arrange an offsite based on your organization's specific situation.

  • Your New Fashioned Facilitator will lead your team’s offsite workshop.

  • Your New Fashioned Facilitator will create a follow-up plan designed to make sure that your team’s progress lasts, long-term.

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