People Infrastructure Services


Your culture, created and managed, can be your company's greatest strategic asset or, left untended, its biggest miss. Culture is a competitive advantage when intentionally designed and managed to drive business outcomes, including financial returns. Confused? Sound too theoretical? New Fashioned successfully implements organizational culture for many winning growth companies. Read on to learn a few ways we turn 

culture theory into brass tacks business success.

People Strategy Assessment


A "people strategy" is a set of detailed, prioritized choices about where and how to invest in human capital. Decades of research show a direct link between an effective people strategy and a company's competitive advantage. If you're a high-growth startup or more established firm that needs an objective assessment of how well your current human capital plan drives business outcomes and addresses

emerging challenges, New Fashioned experts can help.

People Infrastructure Development


From developing your people strategy and intentional enculturation program, to competency mapping and staffing plan creation, to performance evaluation and continuous leadership development, the team at New Fashioned will help you design and develop a thoroughly modern, research-based and growth-focused framework for attracting, developing and retaining a high-performance workforce.

People Leadership/Interim CPO


At New Fashioned, we're been-there-done-that growth company leadership veterans who have built winning organizations from the ground up, with a special focus on 

the intentional, strategic development of positive team culture to drive bottom-line results and investor value. In certain circumstances you may choose to have a New 

Fashioned leader with growth company DNA and human capital bona fides take the reins, to keep your organization moving forward while we help you find and land your ideal Chief People Officer.  

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