How We Do It

We offer services that will galvanize your company's culture for exceptional performance. A big claim to be sure, but research proves that "intentional" culture drives business outcomes, including financial returns, and New Fashioned knows what works.  

New Fashioned works as your trusted advisor and we don't do generic--every solution is craft-brewed to suit. You can give us the keys to the kingdom and we'll diagnose and create your organizational culture from top to bottom, or you can choose a more targeted solution. Although we like cookies, we don't believe in cookie-cutter approaches to culture.


"Intentional" culture is created by aligning your people strategy with your business strategy, by selecting and developing leaders who reflect and reinforce that strategy, and by implementing people infrastructure (policies, procedures and programs) that breathe life into your culture and 

make it something you experience daily in everything from what your leaders say and do to whom you hire, develop, and reward...even what 

your workspace looks like.


Read on to see how New Fashioned can help you to design and implement a high-performance company culture, and to identify, attract, 

develop, and retain the leaders who will be its stewards. We highlight some common needs below, but our unique capabilities allow us to offer a range of customized, pragmatic solutions.  

Coaching & Advisory Services

Strategic Advice and Support for C-Level Leaders and Boards

New Fashioned's founder Amy Pooser and our senior team offer executive coaching and advisory services. Using proven leadership assessment and development techniques combined with deep operating experience, we provide objective evaluation, strategic advice, and ongoing support.

People Infrastructure Services

Culture and Human Capital Design and Development 

New Fashioned's team of cultural anthropologists, operating execs and human capital pros offer assessment, development, and even interim leadership of your people infrastructure and strategic culture creation efforts.

Leadership Search Services

Direct and Partner-Led Executive Recruitment

New Fashioned offers direct leadership recruitment as part of certain Coaching & Advisory and People Infrastructure engagements. Executive search services are otherwise available through our partner firm, Certain Ability, Inc.

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