Fit Coach

The problem: Hiring a senior executive is a critical decision with significant long-term 

consequences for you and your company. The costs of a bad decision are very real where such leaders will have equity stakes, six- or seven-figure compensation packages, and impact the overall financial and cultural well-being of your organization.


The question: How can you significantly improve the likelihood that a key new hire will "fit" and positively impact your team's culture, capabilities, and performance?


The answer: A New Fashioned Fit Coach will conduct a detailed objective assessment of candidates' fit with your executive team, and with your organization's needs, mission, values,

and desired culture.



  • A New Fashioned Fit Coach will interview your hiring executives to gather contextual information and develop a detailed profile of your organization's goals and needs.

  • Your Fit Coach will interview candidates as part of your recruiting process (supplementing your own interviews). 

  • Your Fit Coach will assess the likelihood of a sustainable fit, and debrief with you regarding the potential impact of candidates on your business objectives and organizational culture.

  • Before you even begin your leadership search, your Fit Coach can work with you to help define the role you're recruiting for and determine what types of candidates are most likely to meet your needs (and how to attract them).

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